Yung Living His Best Life

01 August 2020

Yung Living His Best Life

Yung is living life to the full! He's an artist, a blogger, stars in a Chinese New Year's event, sings with a choir, dances at Geneva's Ball, competes at Geneva’s fun race, is on our Residents Advisory Group, and so much more.

For someone as busy as Yung, Geneva’s wraparound support has been there to assist Yung in achieving his goals. Scroll through these images to see just some of the ways he lives his best life.

Yung with David Tua

Yung with David Tua (boxing legend) as he's getting ready to compete at Geneva's fun race.

Art 1

Yung is an artist. Here is just a sample of his work, it's beautiful!

Yung singing

Yung singing up a storm with the Geneva choir.

Art 2

Yung with the Residents Representative Counsel, guiding Geneva about how we can provide the support that enables their fellow residents to enjoy their home and community.


Yung having a blast dancing at our Ball.

Day program

Yung enjoys his Geneva day programs. This one was even better, as it was his birthday!

Art 3

Yung, performing with Annie from Touch Compass at “East Meets West” event for Chinese New Year.

For more information on how to get wraparound disability support for your loved one, visit this page or call us on 0800 GENEVA (0800 436 382).

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